Top 10 Interesting Blockchain Project Ideas for Beginners

Most blockchain projects aim to break through modern technologies and improve every person’s quality of life. But it would be boring without teams whose creations do not pursue global goals but are created only for entertainment. In this article, we will consider the most interesting blockchain project ideas.

The essence of blockchain technology

Blockchain is a distributed digital registry. This technology is protected from unauthorized access; its entries cannot be edited or deleted. The decentralized and peer-to-peer nature of blockchain makes it impossible for individual participants to control the ledger or destabilize the entire system. These and some other features of the technology make it the most reliable, transparent, and confidential platform for implementing various business applications.

Since blockchain is a distributed and peer-to-peer technology, its main benefits and applications can be found in almost every business sector. You can successfully use it in your business, but for this, you need to have a good understanding of the technology and have blockchain specialists on your staff.

The most interesting ideas for blockchain projects

According to analysts, blockchain technology is revolutionizing how business is done worldwide. Today, many projects in various industries using blockchain technology have already been launched worldwide. So, we will analyze 10 of the most interesting blockchain business ideas that are successfully operating today. They are as follows:

  1. Blockchain customer loyalty platforms

Blockchain-based loyalty platforms provide a simple and secure way to exchange access to any company’s loyalty programs. For example, services like Loyyal provide a platform for instant validation and transfer of access to a bonus from one consumer to another.

2. Back to Earth

An interesting example of the use of blockchain in gaming is the combination of peer-to-peer technology, a storytelling tool, and an alternative reality. The game is similar to Pokemon Go, which made a lot of noise in its time. However, this project has a plot built on content from cinema, social networks, and blogs.

3. Nucleus Vision

These sensors read data about a person who crosses the threshold of an establishment – his gender, age, and information from social networks are taken into account and select the products of a store or cafe specifically for this client.

4. Sale of advertising space

Blockchain services for selling ad slots use AI to instantly book and exchange ad slots between customers, just like the Thrive blockchain advertising platform does.

5. Bitshares blockchain

It is a decentralized platform designed to combat the issue of cryptocurrency instability. It helps facilitate the exchange of assets and allows the user to digitalize our society and the world.

6. Blockchain Browsers

Browsers form the basis of content management. Creating a safe, fast and secure browser built on the principle of blockchain will open up great opportunities for e-business and the security of users and content.

7. Insurance in the maritime transport industry

The Danish company Maersk, with Microsoft, EY, and Guardtime, has created a blockchain solution to ensure the security and optimization of insurance in the maritime transport industry.

8. Raw material tracking system

Consensys partnered with BlockApps on Azure to develop a raw material tracking system for BHP Billiton, one of the world’s largest mining companies, and its suppliers.

9. Easy and secure booking

With the support of Microsoft, Australian and New Zealand online travel agency Webjet has created a unique blockchain solution that could become the new industry standard. The solution streamlines the process of booking and paying for trips for users and increases the security and transparency for Webjet and its partners when conducting transactions.

10. Real-time tracking of parcels and cargo

Thanks to blockchain technology, the location of the cargo can be instantly verified. Blockchain business ideas work wonders for tracking shipments, reducing time and costs.